My Trip to Madrid Spain

   From :Rome Italy                       Flight  Air  Europe 1044  
                                                                Flight # 254
  To : Madrid Spain
 Depart from Rome at 5:55pm     2hr and 35minutes                     
 Arrive At 8:30pm

      After i go to Paris France And to Rome Italy then i go to Madrid Spain because i want to go and see the games of Spain and going to see people getting hit by bulls. So i got my ticket that cost me $862 dollars just to go to Madrid. Madrid is the city biggest city in Spain the Poplusion of the city is 3.4 millions and the rest entire city Madrid is about 5.8millions. And is the Thrid larggest city in the European union after London and Berlin and it's metropolitan area is the Thrid larggest in the Europeans union after Paris and London the city spans a total of 604.3km2 and (233.359sq mi). During the siglo de oro (Golden Century ) in the 16th/17th century Madrid knew irt's ultimate glory El Escorial the Great royal monastery built by king Philip II of Spain.Once i get to the airport get a taxi then go to my hotel at Hiltion Madrid next to Avenida de la Hispanidad 2.4 Madrid 28042 6.6 miles east from the center of Madrid.

        Then once i get my hotel number# 27  im going to my Queen size bed just for me Playing  my X box 360 again then order something to eat from the phone and i thing that im going to order some thing good and that i like witch is my special meal when im  good and i haven't eaten a long time witch is Hamburgers with some Fries. Just imagen that im eat good food playing my games for xbox 360 palying online Fifa 11 beating all those suckers. Then the next day im going around Madrid to know what they eat and then if i like it you know i would taste it and if i like it i would do when people are full that is take home because im full and i think my body needs it's a lot. Then my third day im going to a game of Madrid And FC Barcelona in the studium and Real Madrid won the game just to go to the game it cost me $132 dollars and i needed to get taxi and i had 17.055 and i had to take away 132 and 30 dollars of the taxi the money i had left was 16.892 dollars.
       Then my last day in Madrid i have to buy some things that my parents want then after i go to the stores i have to go and get my flight ticket to Salvador Brazil.Then get all my things together and i got my things and lift  to Brazil.

Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

And this is one of the maps of Madrid Spain