my trip to paris france

     To;FranceParis          British Airlines # 861
   Depart at 10:50         $ 1,872
Get there at 1:56                                                                                            

         Just imagen being in a cool place like France Paris would'nt that be cool to at for 4 days but to get there i have to find a ticket from Houston Texas to France my dad goes and live me at the airport with my ticket plane British depart from Texas at 10:30 and arrive at Paris France at 1:56 after that i had wasted $749 dollars plus i need a ticket to my hotel that i rented then i wasted $1,205.  Once i get at my hotel room #26 at Victoria Palace Hotel Paris . I sign in in the office then get my bedroom King size bed a hot tube then walk around the hotel know some people in the building.My trip was in Paris,France because i thing that this place is fantastic place because of the place there is in france and because i would like to go to the soccer field of France. I would like to go to Paris because i want to go and see that place that would be cool.Then i would go and visit all over france the stores the people then go and eat some good food. Then that same night like at 7:00 i go to my hotel and then go to the places that i want to see.
These place is where im going and it a cool and pretty place to live in.
These is a map of Pais France and where is next too at it next to spain and switzerland.