Lisbon Portugal

From: Real Madrid Spain
To: Lisbon Portugal
Depart At 7:30
arrive at 9:30
1hr and 15 minutes
Airbus A319
Leave Tuesday April 26
Left over With 14,720
   Spanair 9417 Air plane number 2044

     Going to Lisbon Portugal must be a cool place because is in Portugal and people over there are really cool people they let you do what you and once im over there im going direct to eat some Bomb food that the Portugal eat witch i dont know yet but that why im staying at a hotel at Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 105 Lisbon 1099-031 1.3 miles from the nothest from the center of Lisbon where im staying is 5 stars rating and for every single night is $114 then add all those up equal to $456 for 4 days.

 Then i have to get taxi to go to the airport at 7:00 and then  add that up that is 14,264 - 30 dollars is 14,234 then i go in the airport then i went to get something to eat at the airport then once is 8:30 i go to the stop for the airplane Number  $2044 and i guess i wanted to get there because i dont want to get leaved and live into other day.

The place that i well be staying at the Lisbon Portugal.

        Then once im at the stop and im inside the airplane  i will get and drink a soda not beer cause i dont drink but i will get a soda then after that i would just ask a qustion and that is if they need something form me and if they say that they dont need anything form me that i will get knockout until i get to Lisbon Portugal were im just getting a taxi and im going to my hotel were im going in there and the way they are going to speak to like Welcome to Lisbon Portugal Mr.MARIN and the way im going to talk to them is ya im bring me a toll because i arrive at 9:00am and i need some water . Then i will go to my bed room after 2 hr then go to my room and change for that i can go all around the hotel and know some people then go to know some cool place lets see if there is cool places in Portugal.

The mall at Lisbon Portugal

      The second day at Lisbon Portugal going to the beach then look for some pretty girls that are out there and you know the rest but continueing with the story go to the beach then go to a places where you can see the view everything the water, and then the girls and every thing else Then go to the place where they sell  ice cream get some ice cream for $7 dallors  then walk around the beach finally once more and more girls come to the beach im going to get and get some water then for that the girls could see that you know im SWIMMING. Then coming the after noon i will go to the hotel go to the room then go to the casino while i playing and losing 1,300 i will get some strips to eat and then win every game because im mad . Coming night go to the room and get some sleep to get some energy.

The Thrid is almost getting everything to get to a place that i like and that i thinks is cool that place is Brasilia Brazil then after i go to get all place that i havent seen i will go to Brazil because it's next to honduras but i still have 12,320 .

                                Here is the map of Lisbon Portugal.