To Atlanta Georgia

From: Lisbon Portugal
to: Atlanta Georgia
3 hr and 45 minutes
depart : 11:00am
arrive 2:30pm
boeing 573
 Cost of the ticket $259 dallars
Flight # 2013

   Going to Atlanta Georgia is going to be the best trip because i get to go by self and because i get to see all my Family from Honduras from part of my Dads and Moms part of the family from the side of my mom i got oto see my Auntie that have almost everything that i like. Then from my dads part my Grandma but im going to stay at my Aunties house frist Because for that i can'nt get board quick at my Auntie house Play Playstation 3 , and the xbox 360 that i played before so like my uncle was there by him self playing Arm of Two in 40 days the new one so i gusse that i wan'nt tired so we play Army of Two in the Playstation 3 in high Divinion so then we got board and then we played the xbox 360 started playing Fifa 11 so he bit me and the Playstation 3 i bit him in the xbox 360 Kinect I won 10 to 5 i won by 5 goals.

     Then we went and see other movie but in Mami we saw Fast five it was cool because Vin Diesel was a racer because he know when something bad is going to happened and watching the movie it was true because they need to get some cars from a train with some russia people that just wanted some kind of chip that belong to the big boss that chip cost alot and just wathing and the flight I have 12,320 then i went to see the mami heat play basketball that cost me $50 dollars just for me then plus the snacks i had to buy my cousin somethings too $60 dallars plus the parking lot $40 dallars just in that i have spent 150 dallars then my auntie tells me that she needs some money for the gas and get some food so i gave her 200 dallars for food and gas. And then i have 11,970 for that i can get some free food and were to live .

Then we went to the beach where we just get ready dress get are toll and get out of the door and you we see the beach just walk to it and you we be in the beach. Then my cousins wanted some ice cream and the ice cream cost 2 dallars each and i have my cousins 3 then my family tells me that if i want to go camping but that i have to pay for something so i guess that i had to pay some cash then they went to buy all the things that they need like four camping tents for her and her boyfriend then one for me then one for my cousins and one extra for if they need.

  Then just in that 4 tents they waisted $110 dallars tehn they had some left to buy drinks juice ,sodes , and others drinks then buy some food like chips and somefood to eat over there and eat in the car because where we going is super far away from where my auntie lives.They say that is nice because you can see animals and because it a cool place to be at there rivers and there lakes where you can swim when it hot . And If it like Nebraska i like because we left from the house at 3:30 from are house then once every body was with there cars but like my Grandma was going with my Dad and my mom and my little brother i had to go with my uncle in a big Dodge Truck it was cool because he had his ipod touch and hearing to Dr .Dre then Eazy e then we finshed hearing to spanish music.

After that we got to the place we need where to camp.

     Then we had to get some fire because it was getting dark and then we wouldn't find the fire and everythings else that we need like the wood to turn on the fire. Then the next day we wanted go swimming at the lake and river from 11:30 am to 3:00pm we stoped swimming then we had to go back to the fire thing because we was hungry and like we had brought the thing where we can cook some meat and some beans to eat then it was dark and we need to make other fire but in other place . And know they want the fire places to be in the beach because if it hot just get in and shower in the beach. Then the next day we wooked up and we went fishing in a boat that my uncle had at the back of his trunk so every body got in my auntie lizzet and my uncle david And other people at the end of afternoon we got 20 fishes and then we cook it. Then im left with 11,970 dallras.

Then i got home the next day and i left to Honduras.

                                         The map of Atlanta Georgia